Member Story

Motherhood was a completely unexpected surprise for me. But they say the best surprises are the unexpected ones :). My sons are my whole world and I would do anything for them; this includes stepping out of my comfort zone. I am by nature a VERY shy person. I always have been. After my first son was born the fall and winter came. My sister would visit monthly and that was good enough as far as friends were concerned. But I had NO mommy friends whatsoever. I used to walk Keller Pointe with my son in his stroller and wish i knew another mom with a kiddo so we could walk and chat together. Instead, i settled for the weekends when we would take family walks. I was at the Galleria in Dallas one day shopping (what i do best) when i saw a flier posted to one of those kiosks advertising Stroller Strides. I went home and researched it, and thought how perfect! I joined online. However, it was still months before i actually went to any outings or classes with the group.

I received a notification that Meetup had posted a new event with SS: "Pictures in the Bluebonnets," for a nominal fee. OMG, i realllly wanted pictures of my sweet son in the bluebonnets. I noticed the date corresponded with when my sister would next be in town from South Carolina. Woohoo! She could just go with me so it wouldn't be as intimidating. Sort of pathetic that i had to bring my little sister with me for some moral support, but nonetheless it worked. The class was just finishing when i got there, and Bethany immediately was so friendly and welcoming. I don't think i know a single person as friendly and welcoming as she is. i will always remember meeting one of the other moms. She hastily ate a peanut butter and jelly sandwich, saying, "I'm pregnant, i have to eat." Instantly, i smiled and thought, "ok relax everyone is so nice, normal and just like me!!" I heard snipets of conversations discussing diaper rash and baby food; other moms sharing their experiences, questions and knowledge with one another -- just what i needed. After the pictures were taken and introductions made, i was ready to attend my first Stroller Strides class.

OMG, it has been the best thing i have ever done for myself and for my boys. Going to the gym is a walk in the park compared to Stroller Strides! I like being challenged in my workouts, and being surrounded by new friends and old. Being outside is wonderful for the boys and me. It's a great way to start our day. Stroller Strides is as challenging as you make it. Some days, if we've had a rough night, i may walk more instead of jog, but no one judges or cares. There's always someone along the way to chat with as we huff and puff along trying to keep up with Bethany zooming ahead. After class is a time to catch up with other moms as our kiddos play in the park. Sometimes just a smile or nod with understanding between you and other moms goes a long way. Now that i have two boys, i value Stroller Strides even more. One of my biggest fears was that my kids would have no friends because i'm so shy. Joining Stroller Strides changed all that. My boys have lots of kids their age to play with, and play dates and birthday parties to attend. Motherhood is challenging, but by having some awesome moms around me sharing the same healthy perspective on life, I never feel alone.