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Allergen Free Companies To Fill Your Grab N Go Snack/Lunch Bin

by: Hilaire Baumgartner of

Photo courtesy of sizzling eats

School is right around the corner and word on the street is you’re probably not ready! With all of the craziness going on during this time, sometimes food can get pushed aside.

If you haven’t heard about the Grab N Go food system for kids, check this article out. Essentially, you have a designated number of food bins that your child is allowed to pick from to complete their lunch + snack for the day. You choose what goes in and how many they get. You can lessen your load even more by putting healthier, pre-packaged, allergen-free snacks in the bins. Consider stocking your bins with these Allergen Free Companies.

For the Nut-Allergy

  • Brand: P-NUT Free PB+J
  • Products to look for: Strawberry and Grape Jelly P-NUT Free sandwiches (both flavors come in an 8 pack)
  • Where to find it: Marketstreet (Colleyville)

For the Full-Blown Vegan

  • Brand: ENJOY LIFE
  • Products to look for: protein bites, baked chewy bites, lentil chips, mini cookies, grain + seed bars and more!
  • Where to find it: Natural Grocers, Sprouts, Central Market

For the Health Nut

  • Brand: Made Good
  • Products to look for: Granola bars, granola minis, and crispy squares
  • Where to find it: Kroger

For the Organic/ Non-GMO Crew

  • Brand: Lukes Organic
  • Products to look for: Chips, Puffs, and Crackers
  • Where to find it: Amazon

For the Cookie Monster

  • Brand: Divvies
  • Products to look for: Cookies and cookie sandwiches
  • Where to find it: Sprouts and Whole Foods

For the Gluten-Free Gang

  • Brand: Free2b
  • Products to look for: SunCups and Snacking Chocolate
  • Where to find it: Sprouts, Central Market, The Sunflower Shoppe (Colleyville)

For The Kosher Kids

  • Brand: Herr’s
  • Products to look for: Chips, pretzels, puffs, and popcorn
  • Where to find it: WalMart, Target

Having this system in place can cut down on time and stress in the mornings. Consider this system and filling your bins with these brands.

For a total comprehensive list of allergen-free companies click here.